Our Annual Meeting will be November 12th from 8 to 10 am at the Crest View Plaza on Montvale Avenue. We hope you will join us to celebrate and honor our Business of the Year, Murtha Cullina LLC.  We will also  present our Humanitarian award to the Woburn Moose Family Center #1214 for their sponsorship and tireless support of the Challenger League Baseball Program. We will enjoy a light breakfast and an engaging  discussion by a panel of local representatives and officials addressing the legislative concerns and challenges facing businesses in Massachusetts and here in Woburn. Our panel will be available to address specific questions and concerns from our audience. This is a unique opportunity and we are proud to provide this forum to our members. Our local officials and esteemed members of our business community are always in attendance.

As an advocate for Woburn Businesses, the Woburn Chamber of Commerce takes a firm stand against the CPA. Woburn voters have rejected it in the past for good reason. The CPA creates another costly level of bureaucracy, has steadily decreased its state matching funds, offers no guarantee that state funds will be awarded to member communities and has historically awarded state funds to affluent suburbs over working class communities. The Woburn homeowner is facing several years of tax increases to fund the library addition, new fire station as well as the new Wyman-Hurld school. The CPA would add an additional burden to taxpayers who have already approved funding of open space through the meals tax. As a business owner you can help defeat the CPA by encouraging employees who live in Woburn to get out and vote “No” on this question. It will benefit them as well as the commercial and industrial property owners who do so much to benefit the city.


At the Woburn Chamber of Commerce we would like to take a moment to Thank Rachel Floyd from Janis Research. Rachel recently presented for our Innovation Series at the library. Her audience was treated to an informative and fun look at cryogenics, cryogenic research and application. Janis Research is a company built on inspiration, hard work, innovation and a deep love of scientific research. They have custom built a facility on Wildwood Avenue from which they hope to never leave. It is thoughtfully designed for the work they currently do with room for future expansion. The cryogenic instruments being designed and built by Janis Research right here in Woburn are shipped around the world and used in a myriad of exciting ways. Thank you Rachel for giving us a glance into this interesting world and for taking the time to share it with us. Thanks also to Ann Carroll from Janis Research for her assistance  as well as to Woburn Public Library for hosting and cultivating this speaker series.

Join us for the Woburn Chamber of Commerce’s October networking event, ” A Taste For Business” at the Taste of Brazil restaurant on 10/28 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. The Woburn Chamber of Commerce hosts monthly networking events which are a great opportunity to spread the word about what your business offers and learn about new business opportunities. They are also a great place to make new contacts if you are looking to make a change in your career.

Enjoy delicious traditional Brazilian fare with a cash bar. Members and non-members of the Woburn Chamber of Commerce are welcome to attend this FREE networking event. RSVP is very important, please reserve your spot today!