Proposed Health Assessment on Employers

The Baker Administration’s proposed 2018 fiscal year budget includes a $300 million health assessment on employers. The assessment is meant to help cover the deficit the state faces in funding MassHealth (Medicaid).

The administration plan would impose a $2,000-per-employee fee upon companies at which at least 80 percent of full-time worker equivalents do not take the company’s offer of health insurance, and that do not make a minimum contribution of $4,950 annual contribution for each full-time worker. If 70 percent of a company’s employees accept company health insurance, the company would be assessed $2,000 per employee for the number of employees represented by the 10 percent difference. (aimblog, Jan. 26, 2017)

Specifically, the budget calls for a $2,000 per full time equivalent employee assessment on businesses with more than 10 employees if the employer does not contribute at least $4,950 towards each full time employee’s health care and have an 80% take up rate (participation rate) in a group health plan.


What Does This Mean To Your Business

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